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  • Trellis Bay   7 years 9 weeks ago

    I am Capt. Wagner's daughter. Please note that you have errors in your writing. Remove or be prepared to correct. Suzanna Wagner Daughter


    Ms. Wagner,

    Thank you for providing this information. Information pertaining to Captain Wagner has been removed. We would be happy to incorporate correct information if you decide you would like to include it here.

    Best regards,

    CVI Staff

  • Buried Treasure   7 years 16 weeks ago

    THere is much more to this story than can be imagined. After nine years of research by a team of international investigators the real story can now be told. Visit
    (Editor: The link goes to a book promotion that appears to be a legitimate effort by this individual to research Treasure Island.
    Here is one review from Mr. Amrhein's site:
    Treasure Island: The Untold Story is a well written, thoroughly researched, unbiased tale of intrigue, treachery, passion, love, and real-life decisions. The history is well presented and the accompanying photographs, documents, and prints let the reader go back to the past and relive this great sea adventure. I can truly say that this the best book I have ever read about pirates! Read it and you will relive it!”
    —Charles George, Wreck Diving Magazine

  • Checklists   7 years 26 weeks ago

    The Riteway market, just across the road from BVI Charters, is now a superstore the size of a warehouse. They stock just about anything you could want including many gourmet items. The store is impressive, even by our US standards.

    I would call them at 284-340-6112 (store managers office). I suspect they will have everything you need, depending on how specialized the food requests are.

    Have a great trip!

  • Checklists   7 years 26 weeks ago

    We have bareboated previously out of Tortola and found provisioning in the marinas quite wide ranging. Now, my wife has specific eating requirements and we'd like to know whether to bring these items or if they can be acquired once arrived in Port Purcell (BVI charters): almond milk and organic fruits and veggies. We arrive 6/12/11. Thank you

  • George Dog   7 years 34 weeks ago

    Yeah, i like reading your articles Keep updating! 

  • Road Harbour   7 years 39 weeks ago


    Emails like yours make writing books worthwhile!
    I am headed down to the BVI on Tuesday and am very excited to see what is new and different things are going on. I try to get there about twice a year for updates to the book and especially our website.
    If you would like to submit anything for the website written or just a collection of photographs, please do. Our user submitted material for the VI is very popular.
    The 3rd Edition is about 2 years away. If you do buy the 2nd edition, when we come out with the 3rd edition, you can upgrade for half price. You also might want to consider our map. I am not sure if Conch Charters provided a VI map for you on the boat. The laminated version is great to hang on the wall and dream about the VI for your next trip.
    Thank you from Anacortes, WA - which has a lot of similarities to Yarmouth - without the snow. Keep in touch. I will put you on our email list.
  • Road Harbour   7 years 39 weeks ago

    (forwarded from Contact Us)

    Hi Mark, I was just down in the BVIs last month for the first time in my life. What a magical place! I can't wait to go back. Friends of ours who are not sailors chartered a 50 ft Beneteau and I got to be captain for a week with our 2 families onboard. They chartered through Conch Charters in Road Town. When we got onboard there were several different resources of information for helping us make our way around to explore the BVIs, plus ones we'd brought ourselves. I found Cruising the Virgin Islands- 2nd edition- by you and Joe the best resource by far! I loved the detailed information and it's user friendly quality. The maps of the mooring fields were particularly useful for us. Anyway, I am already saving my pennies to go again. In the meantime, I was thinking of buying a copy of this guide for myself. Who knows how many more years it will be until I return but I thought it would be fun to pour over it every now and then. The only thing is that I was wondering if there is a 3rd edition in the works? If so, I may choose to wait and purchase that upon it's release. Cheers from Yarmouth, Maine where we have 3 ft of snow on the ground! Tammy

  • Road Harbour   7 years 44 weeks ago


    You have quite a trip planned.
    The challenge is you have to clear out of customs in the BVI - from either St Thomas Bay/Spanish Town Yacht Harbor or go back to Road Town.
    My recommendation would be to start your day early morning at Spanish Town for final fuel and water if need be. You can walk across the marina to the customs building and clear out. 
    Depending on the winds, you can take a long day and into the evening on the water to St. Maarten.
    You might want to check with BVI Customs to see if you could check out - but leave very early the next morning before they are open at 8:30a.
    Here is some more information on BVI Customs.
    Let me know how your trip turns out.
  • Road Harbour   7 years 44 weeks ago

    (forwarded from Contact Us)

    We (8 guys from germany) are going to have  a sailing trip in the BVI.
    We already chartered a 44 feet Salina Catamaran in Tortola. We will have our trip from 04.March - 18. march 2011.
    We planned to spent the first week into the BVI to get familiar with weather, waves and painkiller ;-).
    The end of our trip will be in St.Maarten , where we will leave the boat and flying back home again.

    Do you have any tips and information for us,which location in the BVI would be the best to do that long trip to St.Maarten ? I guess it would be Virgin Gorda, but which bay would be the best? And are there any other things to keep in mind for that trip ?

    Thanks for a answer :-)




  • Setting Point & Pomato Point   7 years 45 weeks ago

    Gentlemen: As a fellow PNW sailor I wanted to say that I enjoyed your book over that of the [competitions] due to the level of detail provided, especially the perspective of avoiding the crowds.

  • Checklists   8 years 7 weeks ago

    It can be a bit like a puzzle to get the different pieces in all the right places. If you have a little flexibility you can save some money too!

    Your dates are a very popular time. The weather is excellent, a good break from any lingering cold spring weather in the Northeast. I like to start by first planning my airline connections. By going on today, I see there are plenty of flights from the NYC area to St. Thomas and Tortola.

    Note - the cheapest fares include a layover in San Juan, Puerto Rico for flights to EIS (Beef Island, Tortola). Besides the overnight, this will require an overnight stay in a hotel in San Juan adding costs to your trip. The flight time should be 5+ to 8+ hours. Anything more than this for an afternoon flight or evening flight requires a layover. The best flights to EIS seem to be about $620 each.  You will have about a $30 cab fare from the EIS airport to your charter company or they may have a lower price for their shuttle.

    But if you fly non-stop from JFK to STT (St. Thomas), a 4 hour and 20 minute flight, the airfare drops to $427. Add $55 for the Ferry to Tortola each and about $10 each for the cab from the airport to the ferry in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and then in Tortola to your charter base. By the way, playing with the dates to fly one of the legs on a non-weekend flight can drop the airfare to under $400. I sometimes do my shopping on and then go to the airline website and I am able to find a cheaper fare. Once I have an airfare, on the airline web site, I put a HOLD on the reservation. This gives me 24-48 hours to work out my charter reservations.

    Next, I start looking on the web at the different charter companies to see rates and what boats they have.
    Looking at the Footloose Charters (Same parent company as The Moorings and Sunsail) Price Sheet for a catamaran shows their smallest at $1045 per day. This may be too costly for you. The catamaran has 4 sleeping cabins and is more room than you need for your family. At the other end of the spectrum a 32 foot monohull sailboat with two sleeping cabins will cost you $385 per day, plus insurance and national park fees.

    Conch Charters calls this their shoulder season, meaning the rates are a little cheaper and has a 38' catamaran for $642/day if you really want to rent a cat. The key to keeping costs low on a cat is to consider sharing the charter with friends or family to fill the other cabins. If you can share the costs, a Virgin Islands vacation can be very economical when compared to comparable tropical hotel vacations.

    Conch Charters also has a 2 cabin monohull sailboat for $271/day that could fit your needs.

    There are many other good charter companies in the Virgin Islands with a variety of boats.You could consider the convenience of leaving on your charter directly from St Thomas with CYOA Charters. You can be from the airport to your charter boat in about :20, and plan a visit to the US VI (St. John) on your way to the BVI. CYOA's rates for their 2 cabin monohull sailboat are about $400-$460 per day. The range in charter rates is variable based upon the age of the boat and other amenities a charter company may offer. It is not an easy apples versus apples comparison.

    Also, call the charter company you tend to prefer. There may be other discounts they can apply, or costs they need to make you aware of. Sometimes there are last minute, or off-season deals, though the dates that work for you are close to prime time.

    After you know the dates you will be in the Virgin Islands you can start to look at the schedule of events for different places. We list many on the site (top right, in blue bar). You will miss the April 18th Full Moon Fireball Celebration at Trellis Bay, but you may want to see what activities they have going at the Bitter End Yacht Club. Around Easter they have their Family Fun Weeks. While on their web site note that they also have a great sailing program for your boys.

    There are many other events you can schedule. Keep your plans loose with just one or two planned activities. For a weeks cruise plan on cruising to just a few islands and you will have a great time. Leave plenty of time for snorkeling and make sure you have sun protection for your boys. Snorkeling in the VI sun can lead to major sunburns on the back and legs. Consider shirts and light pants, or skins (available at your favorite sporting goods stores) to protect the skin when snorkeling.

    Have a great time and enjoy planning your VI charter trip, and your time on the water in the islands with your family!


  • Checklists   8 years 7 weeks ago

    Mark- My crew will be my family, my wife and boys, 11 and 16.It would be about a week and yes its spring break.We would be coming from the NYC area late April to early May. We don't have an unlimited budget but want a memorable vacation for the kids and relaxation for us. We have sailed before and would love to try a catamaran if we can afford it. What do you think? Ryan

  • Checklists   8 years 8 weeks ago

    What is the make up of your crew?
    Kids? Adults?
    How many?
    How many days are you thinking of being on the water?
    Do you need to time your trip with your children's spring break?
    Do you prefer power or sail?


  • Checklists   8 years 9 weeks ago

    Hey Mark, Were headed to the BVI in the spring. Wheres a good place to start. Ryan

  • Saba Rock   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Just checked that out and thats cheeseburgers in paradise! Dont think were gonna make it to St. Croix. maybe next time but looking for some Buffet tunes for the hell of it! thanks Jim

  • Saba Rock   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Saba Rock looks a little intimidating but we've been there and had great food and service. Great view too. There are some other spots if you're looking for burgers like the Fat Virgin Cafe just south at Biras Creek and then over on St. Croix. Green Cay Marina.

  • Saba Rock   8 years 22 weeks ago

    Was headed to Bitter End had been there a couple years back. Past Saba Rock figured that would be pricey, but some guys mentioned they had good burgers. When we got there, we were handed menus and our eyes about popped out of our heads. No burgers in site. I asked the waitress and she came back with a pub menu. Had a decent meal at a decent price Jim

  • Welcome to the Site   8 years 34 weeks ago

    Just purchased your guide a few weeks back. We were made aware of your guide on a tip from a vendor at the Boston Boat Show back in Feb. Great Guide! MUCH better than the OTHER one one the market. Great charts and sailing directions. Glad we found it in time for our next trip down on 19 March. One suggestion: we liked the spiral bound on the 1st addition, lays flat when sailing.

    Art Pennino


    Thanks for your kind comments. I wish we could have stayed with the spiral binding. It fell apart and we had to ship less books per box. We are still looking for a better solution here. Do you mind if I post your comments on our website?

    Fine Edge

    Hi Mark: Yes, no problem posting my comments. We're heading over to Anagada for the 1st time if the weather holds. Our 1st BVI charter was in 1988, this will be our 4th BVI charter and our 16th Caribbean charter. We have sailed most of the Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. It's hard to decide which is our favorite, probably the Grenadines, Martinique and Guadeloupe. We especially like Marie Galante and The Saintes. The problem is, with all the airline cut backs, it's difficult to get Down Island in one day from Boston. Getting to Tortola is still fairly easy, we opt for going through San Juan instead of STT and the ferry.

    Fair Winds!
    Art Pennino

    Art, Thanks! Our crossing to Anegada, 3 weeks ago today, was uneventful. The morning started out with strong winds in the anchorage at the Bitter End. We held back and decided to poke our nose out. The seas were perfect at 1-2 with a 12-15k breeze. Navigating was no problem as it looked like a freeway to Anegada with 13 boats on the horizon ahead of us. The downside was, we grabbed the last mooring ball deep in the Setting Pt anchorage. It was crowded and the 3 boats after us had to anchor. The anchorage had a 20-22k wind and I really wanted to be on a ball.

    We spent two days kicked back. Visted both Big Bamboo and Cow Wreck beach. My crew preferred Cow Wreck.

    Enjoy and let me know comments from your trip and send any pictures you would like posted!


  • Manchioneel Bay (Jost)   8 years 36 weeks ago


    Great comments! Thanks! Mark just got back from the BVI and said there are 10 mooring balls at Great Harbor. And that's still not enough. He talked to Tessa Callwood and she said they sought a permit for 36 mooring balls but there are issues at the government level. Even slightly out of peak season, he said the anchorage was full when he was there last Thursday. He will be updating the website next week and updating the information in the book upon the next printing. Any additional comments or updates are always appreciated.

    —Powell, CVI

  • Manchioneel Bay (Jost)   8 years 38 weeks ago
    Hi Guys: LOVE your book. It is basically our Bible when we cruise the BVI. Several sources that I have found refer to some mooring balls at Foxy's Taboo. True? If so, it looks like you information is out of date. Denis

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