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Vixen Point

On Prickly Pear Island, relax on the beautiful beach by The Sandbox Bar & Grille or take a nice hike around the salt ponds and over the hill to the beach on the north side.

Couple on sailboat and sunset.

A relaxing and pleasant destination.

The only shade on the beach at Vixen Point is the beach bar and restaurant on the east end. The minicruise ships that anchor in North Sound off-load their passengers onto Vixen Point for daytime barbeques and water sports. Thus, at these times the beach is covered with lily-white and lobster-red bodies while the sound echoes with the whines of ski-dos and speedboats pulling passengers on oversized inflated rubber bananas.

But, when the cruise ships are absent, Vixen Point can be a relaxing and pleasant destination.

There are Moor Seacure floats off the west end of the beach. Dinghy landing can be made anywhere along the beach. The Sandbox Bar & Grille collects the mooring fee.


Sandbox Beach Bar and Restaurant



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