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Saba Rock

Saba Rock with sailboat

Moored in front of Saba Rock Resort.

Nice views from top of the cay.

Originally developed by the indefatigable Bert Kilbride, the builder of Drake’s Anchorage Resort, Saba Rock is managed by David Brick. As small as it is, Saba Rock has become a destination unto itself. It is only a few hundred yards offshore of the Bitter End Yacht Club at the entrance to Eustatia Sound.

Bert the Island Builder

Building the Rock

I was introduced to Bert Kilbride by Tom MacMurray, my boss at the Outrigger in Christiansted. It was 1968 and Beret, a craggy swashbuckling wreck diver, had only recently completed construction of his Drake’s Anchorage...(continued)

New Saba Rock

Saba Rock has been expanded to nearly twice its original size by the addition of boardwalks, hotel rooms, a small beach, a fuel/water dock and eight slips handling vessels up to 70 feet. Saba Rock collects for a large Moor Seacure mooring field immediately southeast of the cay. Water and ice are available at Saba Rock. As a matter of fact, an overnight stay on a Saba Rock mooring ball rates a free bag of ice and a tank of water, if requested. This act of kindness is one of the several signature attractions of the resort.

A large dinghy dock is situated in front of the restaurant area and launch service is provided to The Bitter End Yacht Club, Biras Creek Resort and Gun Creek.

Was headed to Bitter End had been there a couple years back. Past Saba Rock figured that would be pricey, but some guys mentioned they had good burgers. When we got there, we were handed menus and our eyes about popped out of our heads. No burgers in site. I asked the waitress and she came back with a pub menu. Had a decent meal at a decent price Jim

Saba Rock looks a little intimidating but we've been there and had great food and service. Great view too. There are some other spots if you're looking for burgers like the Fat Virgin Cafe just south at Biras Creek and then over on St. Croix. Green Cay Marina.

Just checked that out and thats cheeseburgers in paradise! Dont think were gonna make it to St. Croix. maybe next time but looking for some Buffet tunes for the hell of it! thanks Jim

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