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Leverick Bay

Good day stop, or stay and enjoy the resort, pleasant beach.

The development commonly called Leverick Bay is, in fact, in Little Leverick Bay. Leverick Bay is just around the corner, southeast of Clark Rock. The real Leverick Bay is generally buoyed-off to discourage anchoring or using the private mooring balls.

Leverick Bay.

The beach and dinghy dock at Leverick Bay.

There are a few slips with power at the Leverick Bay Resort dock, but most boats opt to use the overnight mooring balls. Moorage is paid at the fuel dock. It is relatively deep and crowded in the mooring field, so it is recommended that a mooring ball be used. As mentioned, there are private moorings and warning buoys in the real Leverick Bay that ward off anchoring in the shallower areas.

Leverick Bay Resort.

Leverick Bay Resort

The dinghy landing is behind the fuel dock on the right (southwest) side of the pier next to the Leverick Bay Watersports office. Take care to be wake-free shoreward of the fuel dock.

Leverick Bay is a good alternative to the Bitter End as a provisioning and laundry day stop with all amenities available. The resort is not as big as the Bitter End but has a quiet beach just a few steps from the coin-op laundry and a pool. Next door to the laundry is a computer room for checking email or the web. Just above the beach is an open-air restaurant and bar, open for breakfast lunch and dinner, with a Pusser’s Company Store on the ground floor for shopping.


Leverick Bay Resort & Marina

VHF 16
Fax: 284.495.7367



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