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North Gorda Sound

More commonly known as Gorda Sound, this is an excellent and roomy harbor between Virgin Gorda on the south and Mosquito Island, Colquhoun Reef, and Prickly Pear Island on the north.

Couple on Sailboat

Though there are three entrances to the sound, it is recommended that cruisers without local knowledge use the channel between Colquhoun Reef and Cactus Reef in the northwest. The expertise level needed to navigate this passage is low but still enjoyable.

Once inside Gorda Sound, enjoy a variety of destinations. Mosquito Island, named for its Indian heritage, not the insect population, is a magical place. Drake’s Anchorage Resort offers a visit into the history of island tourism and Prickly Pear Island, which alternates between a hot-spot for cruise ships and a relaxing pleasant destination.

Leverick Bay or, more appropriately, Little Leverick Bay, has a wide variety of services and is a good alternative to the Bitter End.

Saba Rock with sailboat

As small as it is, Saba Rock has become a destination unto itself.

Continue to Saba Rock, a unique destination in the efforts that have expanded it to nearly twice its original size, or enjoy a relaxing stay at the Bitter End Yacht Club, the largest vacation resort in Gorda Sound. It has a “Pirates of the Caribbean” feel and is a great mid-point break on a charter.

For a peaceful inlet, head to Biras (pronounced BYE-RAHZ) Creek resorts, where you’ll find some of the best hamburgers in the islands.

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