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Fallen Jerusalem

Rock formations similar to The Baths, great snorkeling, seclusion.

Stoney Beach.

Quiet and secluded Stoney Beach.

A half mile southwest of the mooring field at The Baths is an extraordinary little bay on Fallen Jerusalem. It’s called North Lee Bay and the rock formations are nearly as dramatic as The Baths’ and the snorkeling is some of the finest in the Virgin Islands. Best of all, there are no crowds.

North Lee Bay

When approaching The Baths, look to the south to see if the two moorings at Fallen Jerusalem are taken. If available, spend your Baths time at North Lee Bay instead. It is a peaceful rock-world that will leave you wishing you could spend the night—but don’t. At times you can roll deck-to-deck.

This anchorage is one our favorites. There are several famous photos of 50–60 foot sailing yachts backed all the way into North Lee Bay, tied off with four lines to the rocks.

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