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Virgin Gorda

A nature lover’s delight & diverse destination

Topography ranges from the large boulders, tidal pools and hidden beaches at The Baths, to the wide vistas available from the top of Gorda Peak (1,359 feet).

Virgin Gorda Aerial

From the Baths on the southern tip to Gorda Sound in the north; it offers every thing a cruising sailor could want. The attractions of the Fat Virgin include stacks of six-story boulders at the Baths, grottos lit by the Caribbean sun filtered through gin-clear water, a snug harbor at Spanish Town, a secluded, sugar-white beach at Savannah Bay, and finally, Gorda Sound, with anchorages offering solitude, night life and even luxury resorts. Since Gorda Sound is the eastern most destination for Virgin Islands cruisers, it is an obvious point of departure for the short, offshore passage to Anegada.

Scuba diving at The Baths

Scuba diving at The Baths.

If Virgin Gorda was a solitary island in the middle of the Caribbean, it would still be a major cruising destination. A cruiser might spend a week exploring its bays and coves and enjoying the history and luxury of the island. As on the larger islands, crew members might be left ashore for R & R or sightseeing and, by using the ubiquitous cabs, meet the boat at the next anchorage.

For those that are looking for the good life, Virgin Gorda offers three of the most exclusive resorts in the world at Little Dix Bay, Biras Creek in Gorda Sound and Necker Island. Except for Necker Island, you can anchor just offshore and enjoy the world-class restaurants and, with permission, the beautiful grounds of these resorts.

Virgin Gorda is the BVI’s second most populous island, with just over 3,000 people. It was named “the fat virgin” by the Spanish as its profile reminded them of a voluptuous woman lying on her back. There is no end of opportunity for photography and a tropical paradise of indigenous plants unique to Virgin Gorda.

The Baths cave

Hiking through the crystal clear waters of The Baths.

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