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Paraquita Bay

The Official Hurricane Hole anchorage for Tortola.

Surrounded by mangroves, this protected anchorage is primarily used as a hurricane hole for hundreds of local and charter boats. It is prettier back in Paraquita Lagoon, but care must be taken in the shallow water leading into the bay. Keep a careful bow watch at all times.

Brandywine Bay

Two moorings and a dinghy dock are available for guests of the restaurant.

Consider Brandywine Bay if an early morning departure is required on the last charter day. It’s close to Road Harbour.

If you plan to dine at the restaurant, call ahead for a reservation and to inquire if one of their guest moorings is available. Please do not use the moorings in front of the waterfront apartments as they are private.

Brandywine Bay Restaurant, under the creative touch of Chef and co-proprietor, Davide Pugliese and his wife and co-owner Cele have created a special dining experience, considered to be one of the best in the islands. The restaurant now offers a new outdoor lounge to relax and enjoy the dramatic views of Sir Francis Drake Channel. Reservations are highly recommended and the dress is casually elegant.


Brandywine Bay Restaurant

Dinner, closed Sundays.
VHF 16 after 2pm
Fax: 284.495.1203

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