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Nanny Cay (Hanna Bay)

Nanny Cay is well protected from the northeast trades. A good hotel for overnight before your charter.

Nanny Cay

180 slips with power, water, ice, fuel, full-service boat yard and repair services, chandlery, showers, garbage drop-off, minimarket, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, dive shop, and internet service. A charter company base for Catamaran Company, Horizon Charters, Virgin Traders, and the Rob Swain Sailing School.

A slip can be reserved in advance by calling Nanny Cay Harbor Master on VHF 16 or by phone and requesting a slip. If fuel is needed, it is wise to call ahead to see if the fuel dock is clear. The turning basin at the head of the bay is small and is also the basin for vessels preparing to use either the 50-ton or 70-ton travel lifts at the fullservice boat yard.

Safe and snug

Nanny Cay is a safe and snug harbor. It sports free showers behind a pleasant open-air restaurant – the Genaker Café. Blue Water Divers has a shop there and its dive tours originate here. There are several charter companies including Horizon, Catamaran Co., and Virgin Traders. Peg Leg Landing is a lunch and dinner house at the southern end by the breakwater. For boat repairs and maintenance, see John Hussan at Johnny’s Maritime Services. He has always been able to solve problems at reasonable costs. It’s a good day-stop to do the laundry, take showers, buy light provisions (Gourmet Chandler next to the Genaker Café) and eat a burger. Then coast back on down to Peter or Norman Island for the evening. —JR

The Nanny Cay Chandlery has charts and parts. The laundromat is right next to the Genaker Café. Ask the laundry lady at the laundromat how fast she can do your laundry. If left before 9:30am, same day service is guaranteed but we’ve gotten laundry back within a few hours even when we gave it to her in the middle of the afternoon. Coconut Telegraph, next to the harbor master's office offers high-speed internet connections using their computers or connecting your own. You can even access their system from your boat via Wi-Fi for an hourly or daily fee. Peruse gift and clothing shops, provision, or enjoy the snack bar restaurant. Peg Leg’s Landing at the entrance of the marina is one choice for casual dining and a bit of night life. You can arrange your dive trips with Blue Water Divers or pick up dive gear at their shop.

The shipyard and other marine businesses on Nanny Cay can handle a full range of marine services, and it is not unusual to see large vessels being modified or painted in the yard. There is a sail loft and rigging shop, as well as marine electronics specialists. Nanny Cay is also the home to several brokerages and charter companies. For those chartering from Nanny Cay, there is a convenient hotel with a pool.


Genaker Café

Have a hamburger in the center of the marina complex; it’s casual dining on the patio, close by the laundry and showers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Peg Leg Landing

Located at the entrance to Nanny Cay, Peg Leg Landing has a nice view of Sir Francis Drake Channel. Open for Happy Hour at 4:30pm, dinner at 7pm


Bobby’s Marketplace

This is a mini market with a selection of beer, breads, staples, some wine and a deli counter.
8am–5pm Monday—Saturday; 8am–3pm Sunday and holidays

Dive Shop

Blue Water Divers

PADI certified dive shop offering daily dive trips and rendezvous diving.


Chandlery - Marine Parts

Nanny Cay Chandlery

Good selection of marine parts and other items. Friendly service.



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