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Monkey Point

This beautiful cove is one of the top five snorkeling spots in the BVI.

Monkey Island & White Island

Arrive early to ensure availability of a National Park Trust mooring as anchoring is prohibited. There is no overnight anchorage. Snorkeling is excellent along either side of the rock walls with lots of fish and other sea life.

Secluded Beach

Between Monkey Point and White Bay is an idyllic, small coral sand beach that can be accessed only by boat. Access may require some care to prevent grounding the dinghy prop but in settled weather, it’s a nice afternoon stop for a quiet swim on your own private beach. —JR

Often solid schools of small fish swarm in the area along the rocks to the right. The coral reefs house a diverse selection of colorful local fish. Watch carefully, even when swimming to or from the boat, there are schools of Cuttlefish that swim along the bottom in military formation.

White Bay

Long white beach is for the use of the exclusive resort, and visitors are not welcome ashore.

Less than a mile north-northeast of Monkey Point is White Bay. This is the main beach for the exclusive resort on Guana Island, and as such, only guests are allowed ashore.

But anchoring can be had a few yards off the beach. A course of 340ºM from the anchorage at Monkey Point leads to the anchorage at White Bay. There are six blue moorings in the bay, but they are private. The concrete dock is for the exclusive use of the resort’s boats. There is a beach house on the sand that is part of the resort and is surrounded by dozens of beach chairs. Again, the island is private and access to the White Bay beach is restricted to the resort clientele.

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