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Fort Burt & Road Reef Marinas

During the 17th century, Fort Burt was built by the Dutch to defend Tortola’s main harbor. Fort Burt was the first of many forts to be built around the surrounding hillside. In 1776, the fort was rebuilt by the English and named after William Burt, governor of the Leeward Islands.

What remains of Fort Burt can be seen up on the hillside. It is now a hotel and restaurant. Fort Burt is the home of Conch Charters and The Pub. Past the Fort Burt area is the Road Reef marina. This is the home of TMM charters and the Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club. The yacht club offers interesting dinner specials for guests. Despite its formal name, it is a friendly place to stop for a drink and a great view of the surrounding islands. A Riteway grocery store is within walking distance of both marinas to the southwest.

BVI Yacht Club

Colorful, historic BVI Yacht Club


Fort Burt is the home of Virgin Island Search and Rescue (VISAR). When in trouble on the water, call VHF 16 or dial 767 (SOS) on any phone.

Note that VISAR does not monitor VHF 16, but often someone will relay a message to the duty coordinator. The U.S. Coast Guard doesn’t operate within the BVI. Emergency service is provided by a group of volunteers who give up their time to help boats and visitors in trouble. Many of the volunteers work full time in the BVI charter-boat industry in Tortola. For most on-the-water calls, VISAR RIB is dispatched to quickly attend to an emergency.

VISAR Rescue Boat

Funding comes entirely from donations. Many of the charter companies add a voluntary $1 per person donation to a charter contract. It is a donation well spent to support a service you hopefully will never need. But if you do, VISAR will be there.


Fort Burt Hotel

The hotel’s restaurant and bar overlooks the harbor with a beautiful view of Road Town and Virgin Gorda off in the distance. Fort Burt Restaurant is at the Fort Burt Hotel.

The Pub

Once called Drake’s Pub, it is located at the Fort Burt marina and convenient for Conch Charters and TMM customers. The Pub boasts casual dining inside or out on the deck for lunch or dinner. Often there is musical entertainment in the bar at night.

The Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club

A hidden find, suggested by several recent charter visitors, is the Royal Virgin Islands Yacht Club for lunch or dinner. It is open to the public for lunch on weekdays and dinners Tuesday – Sunday. Often, the evenings will have a theme, such as Sushi on Thursdays.

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