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Cane Garden Bay

Large mooring field with no slips. Dinghy dock or beach landing for going ashore. Can be crowded and noisy at night.

Cane Garden Bay Beach

Cane Garden Bay Beach

Popular Cane Garden Bay has a well-earned reputation for raucous nightlife. If arriving late, it can be difficult to find a mooring or swinging room on the hook.

Full Moon Night at the Bomba Shack

When planning your visit, you may want to look at the phases of the moon. Full-moon night is a special occasion in the BVI and the Bomba Shack is the place to be. (The official name is Bomba’s Surfside Shack—but nobody calls it that.) The party flavor is full-blown Caribbean with a live band and the special drinks flowing. Located on the north coast of Tortola, the only way to get there is by taxi as Cappoon’s Bay is not suitable for anchorage.

Bomba Shack

The Bomba Shack is made up of sticks and various items that have been picked up and deposited on the beach over the years, including a unique collection of bras and briefs hung from the rafters by patrons caught up in the spirit of the moment. Bomba, a local legend, usually presides over the full-moon festivities, occasionally handing out t-shirts to ladies who elect to leave something special behind to add to the décor. Bomba’s magic mushroom tea, sold on full-moon night, is said to have qualities to enhance the evening.

While this may be more mystique than reality, the event is fun for all and a true part of the Caribbean party-cruise experience. —MB

Dates for 2010: January 30; February 28; March 29; April 28; May 27; June 26; July 25; August 24; September 23; October 22; November 21; December 21

Cane Garden Bay can be surprisingly rolly. We have spent some uncomfortable nights here and have heard reports of conditions so bad that crews could not re-board their boats until the next day after an evening ashore due to the rough conditions. If the winds are out of the north, consider another anchorage and visit this beautiful spot another day.

The dinghy landing is on a public dock below the yellow building on the beach to the left or, the dinghy can be beached on the gently sloping beach in front of one of the restaurants. There are a number of restaurants and bars as well as a market for provisioning. To the north of the dinghy dock there is an open-air market for local fruits and vegetables. Taxis are often in the area for a side trip to Road Town (over the hill) or an evening at the Bomba Shack and nearby restaurants.

The long, white sand beach is a great place to walk and stretch your legs or to lie out and enjoy the sun. Many beach-side resorts rent water toys to add to your fun, and the reef in the bay offers reasonable snorkeling.

Cane Garden Bay anchorage

Cane Garden Bay anchorage.

Cheeseburgers in Cane Garden Bay?

Music legend has it that Jimmy Buffet wrote his hit song “Manana” in Cane Garden Bay. It is also said that “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” was written at “Stanley’s Welcome Beach Bar” on the beach at Cane Garden Bay. Another version has it that this popular cruising song was written at the docks in Village Cay Marina in Road Harbour. And if you’re looking for your own "cheeseburger" paradise, check out “Cheeseburgers” in St. Croix! —MB


Big Banana Paradise Club

Beachside service of West Indian and barbeque favorites is the specialty at Big Banana Paradise Club. Lunch and dinner.


Myett’s offers outdoor dining in a covered garden area just above the sand, beach and surf. Often there is live music and dancing. An adjacent gift store offers local specialty items.

Quito’s Gazebo

On the beach near the dinghy dock, Quito’s offers live entertainment nightly by local legend Quito Rhymer. There is a fish fry every Wednesday night. Tuesday through Sunday, lunch and dinner.

Rhymer’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

You can’t miss the pink building on the beach that has, for years, been a beach bar favorite for drinks and casual dining. Thursday night features a lobster special. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stanley’s Welcome Beach Bar

Stanley’s is a Cane Garden Bay institution noted for the tire swing hanging from the tree on the beach. Happy hour and dinner.


Bobby’s Marketplace

The Cane Garden Bay branch of Bobby’s Marketplace is small but well stocked with fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits and meat and also offers a selection of wine and spirits. It is located on the main road of the settlement between Stanley’s and Myett’s. Note again that Bobby’s offers a discount for provisioning orders over $150 and is open between 7am—10pm daily.

Callwood Distillery

Callwood Distillery

While ruins of old rum distilleries are found throughout the Caribbean, it is rare to find an 18th century distillery still operating. Dating back to the 1700’s, the distillery has been run by the Callwood family since the late 1800s. Michael Callwood and his family still use the old process: starting with squeezing of sugarcane and fermenting the cane juice. After distilling once, letting the raw spirit sit for 10 days and then distilling again, the results are stored for up to four years in glass bottles for white rum and oak casks for the amber or dark rum. —MB


Rhymer’s is a small convenience store with a selection of the essentials and some fresh baked items along with ice cream treats while enjoying on the beach. It is located in the conspicuous pink building along with Rhymer’s restaurant and beach bar.

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