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Brewer’s Bay

A wonderful beach and tranquility. Not often visited by charter boats as most prohibit using this bay due to the reef areas and coral heads in the anchorage.

Searching for Solitude?

Brewer’s Bay is often overlooked by bareboaters and as such, the professional charter skippers take advantage of the idyllic cove to let their clientèle snorkel, sunbathe and decompress in quiet solitude. —MB

Onshore, there is a campground along with the Malone family’s unique Icis Villas. Last, but not least, Nicoles’s Beach Bar, where water toys can be rented, is a fine stop for lunch or an afternoon snack. If so inclined, explore further up the hill toward Mt. Healthy to the ruins of an old rum distillery, now almost overgrown with foliage. The beach is beautiful and the coral reefs within the bay offer nice snorkeling.

Brewer’s Bay


Icis Villas

This resort is tucked away into the green foliage of the hillside above Brewer’s Bay and is worth a visit. Breakfast or dinner.
Fax: 284.494.6980

Nicole’s Beach Bar

Located in the southwest corner of Brewer’s Bay, it is a quiet place to grab a bite with a beautiful view of the beach, Brewer’s Bay and your boat.

Little Bay

Pretty, quiet, rarely visited by bareboaters. Anchor in Little Bay and take the dinghy over to Monkey Point for snorkeling if weather and sea state permits.

Blue roofs are conspicuous on the left shore, and a lovely beach backs the cove. A small cave is visible in the rocks on the eastern point of the entrance. This cove is used by crewed charter boats as an overnight anchorage in settled weather only. There is space for only one or two boats in the bay, but it is worth arriving early to secure a spot.

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