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Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay on Water Island has an inner pond and outer harbor.

Both are well protected but only the outer harbor is suitable for anchoring because the inner harbor shoals to about 4 feet at its entrance. The outer harbor seems to be an open road until you enter, but will carry 20 feet to within 100 yards of shore. It shoals quickly from there, however.

There are no amenities ashore and the best location is to tuck up into the northeast corner of the little bay. Remember that this is private property and the anchorage is in someone’s front yard. Late-night celebrations might not be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Though some cruising guides have intimated that Flamingo is rolly and thus not fit for an overnight anchorage, in the prevailing northeast trades, it is protected from the swell and is a pleasant nighttime stopover.

Water Island Aerial

Honeymoon Bay [Druif Bay]

This little bay, also known as Druif Bay, is on the west side of Water Island. It is popular with local sailors and the sand beach is a draw.

A line of buoys defines the swimming area in which boats are prohibited. Dinghy landings are on each side of the beach. There are no amenities ashore.

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