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Lindbergh Bay

Lindbergh Bay

White sand beaches of Lindbergh Bay are within walking distance of the airport.

Charles Lindbergh visits St. Thomas

Charles Lindbergh in his SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS visited St. Thomas in 1927. He landed on a grassy wetland to the north of Mosquito Bay. He probably was the first person to land an airplane on this part of St. Thomas and Mosquito Bay that later was renamed Lindbergh Bay in his honor. The U.S. Marines and Navy Seabees constructed a dirt military airfield in 1936 named Bourne Field. The residential area north of the airport still bears this name. In 1945, Caribbean Atlantic Airlines (Caribair) was given permission to use Bourne Field for commercial flights between St. Thomas and San Juan. The U.S. Department of Interior took over management of the airport in 1948. In 1950, the Territory of the Virgin Islands assumed airport operations and renamed it Harry S. Truman Airport in honor of the President’s visit to the island. In the last decade, the runway has been lengthened and now is a modern facility renamed after the late Virgin Islands governor, Cyril E. King.

The anchorage is on the departure end of Runway 10 of Cyril E. King Airport and can be noisy.

Occasionally, travel schedules may require an overnight stay upon a late arrival or early departure from St. Thomas’ Cyril E. King Airport.

There are two hotels close to the airport on the beach at Lindbergh Bay. The proximity to the airport is mitigated by the sounds of jets taking off every so often and busy traffic on the main road. However, large-jet traffic is intermittent and is curtailed altogether early in the evening and won’t interrupt a good night’s sleep.

A taxi from the airport to Emerald Beach Resort or the Island Beachcomber Hotel at Lindbergh Bay only takes a few minutes. It’s an easy walk if traveling light.

Hotels & Restaurants

Best Western’s Emerald Beach Resort

It’s a true resort with a wonderful beach and pool with a waterfall, restaurant and bar. Rooms face the bay.
Fax: 340.776.3426

The Island Beachcomber Hotel

Island Beachcomber Hotel is a “value” hotel, a little dated, but clean, with a beachside bar and basic restaurant.
Fax: 340.774.5615

Brewers Bay

When anchoring, give the runway a wide berth as large aircraft land here and a mast-to-airplane connection might be undesirable. Flight operations are curtailed significantly after dark.

The harbor is open to the west and frequently is used by off duty charter boats that anchor in 20 to 60 feet.

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