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Benner Bay “The Lagoon”

Independent Boat Yard & Marina is the best bet for a cruiser if you don’t go aground on the many areas of shoal or possibility of a submerged piling. Follow passageways marked with buoys with extreme care or seek local knowledge.

Aerial of Benner Bay

Locally known as The Lagoon, Benner Bay is a smaller bay in the north part of Jersey Bay. It is one of the most protected small-boat harbors on St. Thomas Island.

Several marinas along the north shore of the bay have complete facilities for small craft. Berths, gasoline, diesel fuel, water, and some marine supplies are available. A 50-ton mobile hoist can handle craft up to 65 feet for hull, engine, and electronic repairs.


There are all kinds of vessels moored in The Lagoon.


Pirates Cove Bar & Grill

8am to 9pm seven days a week.

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