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Leinster Bay

The beach at Waterlemon Cay is a good place to learn to snorkel; Annaberg ruins; trails; nice overnight anchorage.

Wind powered cane mill

Typical wind powered cane mill.

Until recently, Waterlemon Cay has been open to dinghy landing. Now, it is surrounded by a rectangle of restricting buoys that warn against navigating or anchoring yachts within the area or beaching dinghies on Waterlemon Cay. There are two dinghy moorings inside the restricted area.

Dropping the Hook in Leinster Bay

In the days before the National Park Service supplied moorings, I dropped the hook, just before sundown, deep into the west side of Leinster Bay. I have seen charts that call it Waterlemon Bay but I’ve never heard anyone call it that out loud.

I had three charterers from California aboard the ol’ HELEN R and we arrived at Leinster later than I would have preferred. It was getting dark and close to dinner time. I had no salad girl aboard so I was doing all the cooking and as soon as I let out an appropriate amount of scope, I dove below to start dinner. There was no breeze and the chain rode hung straight down.

While the steaks and potatoes cooked, I passed up drinks and snacks. In the cockpit, the clientele were getting looped and enjoying the meteorites that streaked across the clear August sky. It was an hour before I was ready to serve dinner and I had passed one plate through the companionway when I heard an outboard rattle up close...>>Full Story

Dinghies can be landed west on a small beach adjacent to the road to walk up to Annaberg ruins. There is one set of small, green and red buoys marking the channel into the landing beach. As inviting as it might seem, it’s too shallow to take the dinghy ashore any farther west than the little Annaberg beach.


Leinster Bay Trail

Distance: 0.8 mile.
Begins/Ends: At the Annaberg ruins parking lot / At the beginning of the Johnny Horn trail behind the beach.
Features: Annaberg ruins; flat, easy walk along the bay.

Johnny Horn Trail

Distance: 1.8 miles.
Begins/Ends: At the end of Leinster Bay Trail / At the historic Moravian Church in Coral Bay.
Features: Historical ruins; views; unique flora.

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