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Lameshur Bay

Solitude, trails.

Virgin Islands National Park

Lameshur Bay is divided into three smaller bays by projecting points. The easterly one affords good shelter for small vessels. The middle bay has a good anchorage generally used by sailboats and a sand beach.

Little and Great Lameshur are separated by Yawzi Point. Great Lameshur is a cobblestone beach whereas Little Lameshur is sandy. Check out the trails for ruins and incredible views as well as some great snorkeling.


Lameshur Bay Trail

Distance: 1.8 miles
Begins/Ends: At the west end of the beach in Great Lameshur / At the Reef Bay Trail.
Features: Ruins; access to other trails.

Europa Bay Trail

Distance: 0.3 mile.
Begins/Ends: 0.5 mile up the Lameshure Bay Trail / At the stony beach at Europa Bay.
Features: Snorkeling on the reef at Europa Bay.

Yawzi Point Trail

Distance: 0.3 mile.
Begins/Ends: At the eastern end of the beach at Little Lameshur / At the tip of Yawzi Point
Features: Excellent snorkeling around the point.

Bordeaux Mountain Trail

Distance: 1.2 miles.
Begins/Ends: 0.25 miles up the Lameshur Bay Trail / At the Bordeaux Mountain Road.
Features: 1,000–foot climb; tremendous view.

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