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Hawksnest Bay

Beautiful beaches; Turtle Point Trail, Peace Hill Trail, Denis Bay Trail.

The 10-ball mooring field is stationed on the east side of the bay to offer better protection but the farther left you can moor, the smoother it will be at night. There also are two commercial buoys off the eastern rocks for tour operators. Anchor in 30 to 35 feet and keep clear of swinging cove-mates. There are two marked dinghy channels. One begins adjacent to the rocks on the left and leads to the largest beach on the east side of the bay and allows access to the middle beach.

To the right, there is a beautiful beach on the peninsula (Hawksnest Point) that backs on to Caneel Bay. This beach has its own dinghy channel and is ringed by cottages.


Turtle Point Trail

Distance: 0.5 mile.
Begins/Ends: Turtle Bay Beach / Caneel Hawksnest Beach.

Peace Hill Trail

Distance: 0.1 mile. Begins/Ends: East end of Hawksnest Bay Beach / Top of Peace Hill.
Features: Restored windmill and Christ of the Caribbean statue.

Denis Bay Trail

Distance: 0.3 mile.
Begins/Ends: Off-shoot of Peace Hill Trail / Denis Bay.

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