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Coral Bay

Coral Bay: trails; historic buildings and ruins; Northeast anchorages: seclusion; protection from heavy weather; mosquitoes; mangrove forests.

Mooring in the National Park

Mooring in the National Park.

Locally, all of Coral Bay sometimes is inaccurately referred to as Hurricane Hole. Coral Bay is four bays within a large bay. Counter-clockwise from the northeast, they are: Round Bay, Hurricane Hole, Coral Harbor and Johnson Bay. Round Bay and Hurricane Hole are made up of a series of coves of varying quality for anchoring. Some are unprotected and some are wonderful bolt holes surrounded by mangroves that effectively shelter vessels during exceptionally fierce weather.

Coral Bay is a customs port of entry.


Johnny Horn Trail

Distance: 1.8 miles.
Begins/Ends: At the Moravian Church at Coral Cay / At the Leinster Bay trail on the north shore.
Features: Beginning of Brown Bay Trail; varied terrain from steep to flat; views; historical sites and ruins.

Brown Bay Trail

Distance: 1.6 miles.
Begins/Ends: Two thirds of the way up the Johnny Horn Trail toward Leinster Bay / At Route 10, at Borck Creek, Hurricane Hole.
Features: Views; historical ruins; passes through Brown Bay.

Beach Trail

Distance: 0.1 mile.
Begins/Ends: At the beach at Limetree Cove in Round Bay / At beach in Haulover Bay on the northeast shore.
Features: Beach at Haulover Bay with view of The Virgin’s Gangway.


Lily’s Gourmet Market

A local favorite in Coral Bay with a good selection.

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