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Cinnamon Bay



Good snorkeling around Cinnamon Cay; trails, nice beaches.

Yachts are not allowed close to the reefs that line the bay and surround Cinnamon Cay. To the south, are four park service mooring balls. It is permitted to spend the night on the moorings but the reason there are only four of them is that Cinnamon Bay is a rolly overnight anchorage so there is not a lot of demand for them.

The restricted area covers most of the bay including Peter Bay and Peter Point in the southern part of Cinnamon Bay. A dinghy can be landed to the right of the National Park Service building that is behind a conspicuous rock wall back of the beach.


Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail

Distance: 0.5 mile.
Begins/Ends: Cinnamon Bay Campground entrance / Loops back to beginning.
Features: Ruins of sugar mill and bay rum factory; national park trail graphics.

Cinnamon Bay Trail

Distance: 1.2 miles.
Begins/Ends: Entrance to Cinnamon Bay Campground / Route 10 on the spine of the island.
Features: Steep assent to 700 feet; nice views—take a camera; access to America Hill Trail.

America Hill Trail

Distance: 0.3 mile.
Begins/Ends: On Cinnamon Bay Trail after crossing the first gut (ravine) / Ruins of American Hill Estate House.
Features: Ruins of America Hill Estate House.

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