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Great Harbour

A dive buoy is located above the main anchor of RMS RHONE at the mouth of the bay.

There are no significant obstructions when approaching Great Harbour from the north. The harbor is deep and anchoring can be a challenge. Your best option may be to pick up a mooring in front of the beachside restaurant.

Little Harbour

A scenic quiet anchorage. Good snorkeling.

Swimming and kayaking

Swimming and kayaking in Little Harbour.

Snorkeling in Little Harbor

In October 1989, just two weeks after Hugo laid waste to the Virgin Islands on its way to flail Florida, I was aboard old HELEN R with a five-guest charter party. It was the first charter I had after Hugo and expected the reefs and other underwater fauna to reflect the mess ashore, as buildings were destroyed and carcasses of small yachts blown out of West End were still strewn on the rocky shores of Little Thatch.

We awoke from an overnight at Little Harbour and prepared to enjoy a day of snorkeling and the tranquility of one of my favorite anchorages. The day was particularly clear with lines of small, vertical tropical clouds, trade-wind soldiers, marching across the horizon. Absolutely calm weather, be it the wind or the sea, is an unusual occurrence in the Virgin Islands, but that day on Peter island it was dead still...>>Full Story

At first blush, it does not seem to be set deep enough into the island to offer real protection. But once tucked inside, it’s a flat and snug harbor in the prevailing easterlies.

Though it is private property, use the dock for a dinghy landing to explore the ruins of an old customs house in the bush behind the beach.

There is a path up to the abandoned house on the eastern point. If the view is not blocked by overgrown vegetation, it is a good spot to take a photo of the boats in the cove.

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