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Manchioneel Bay

Interesting places to anchor with several sandy beaches. Hiking trail to Bubbly Pool.

Bubbly Pool

Bubbly Pool

Some of the most scenic spots in the Virgin Islands are the idyllic deserted islets of Green Cay and Sandy Spit.

Northeast of the approach lies Sandy Spit, a small cay separated from Green Cay by a colorful reef that bubbles and roils with the prevailing northeast swell. The reefs around Sandy Spit are considered some of the healthiest in the Caribbean and dinghies are easily landed on the beach. But for a lone palm tree, there is no shade on the island so come protected. Sandy Spit is a fine overnight anchorage and dusks can be spectacular in the winter when the sun sets more southerly.

Exploring Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit

On the southeast shore of Little Jost Van Dyke are two spots that in southerly weather can be rolly but the seclusion and beauty of the anchorages makes them worth the deployment of a second anchor to keep the bow headed into the swell. These spots are adjacent to three small sandy beaches separated by rocky outcroppings on the southeast shore. Each of these little beaches is ideal for picnics, snorkeling and the dink can be landed easily at all of them.

The last significant anchorage is off the southwest shore of Little Jost and across Long Bay from Diamond Cay and Foxy’s Taboo. Because of its exposure to the south, it is likely to be a bit less comfortable than more eastern anchorages. However, Foxy’s Taboo has a nice dock with a few slips and, though newer and a bit more upscale than Foxy’s, it is a nice addition to the east end of Jost. Ashore, up the hill and behind Foxy’s Taboo, there are interesting archeological digs that are being supported in part by Tessa Callwood, Foxy’s wife and the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society.

A short hike from Foxy’s Taboo, a natural whirlpool is carved into the rocks. Locally known as “Bubbly Pool,” this formation of rocks forms is a protected 5-foot-deep pool of water. When the tide is up, the wave action coming through a small crevice creates a natural frothy Jacuzzi. Walk north from Foxy’s Taboo on the trail to the Salt Pond. Follow the trail around the west side of the pond and through the tall sagebrush. Bubbly Pool appears at a clearing in the bush.


Foxy’s Taboo & Marina

Mediterranean food and fresh seafood overlooking Long Bay, Little Jost, Green Cay and Sandy Spit. Also features a lively bar during the late afternoon. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
VHF 16

Hi Guys: LOVE your book. It is basically our Bible when we cruise the BVI. Several sources that I have found refer to some mooring balls at Foxy's Taboo. True? If so, it looks like you information is out of date. Denis


Great comments! Thanks! Mark just got back from the BVI and said there are 10 mooring balls at Great Harbor. And that's still not enough. He talked to Tessa Callwood and she said they sought a permit for 36 mooring balls but there are issues at the government level. Even slightly out of peak season, he said the anchorage was full when he was there last Thursday. He will be updating the website next week and updating the information in the book upon the next printing. Any additional comments or updates are always appreciated.

—Powell, CVI

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