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Little Harbour

A nice overnight spot with entertainment and food but a peaceful contrast to Great Harbour.

Dolphins in Little Harbour

Playful dolphins at the entrance to Little Harbour.

Little Harbour is on the south east side of Jost Van Dyke. It is well known for its waterside restaurant bars with Sidney’s Peace and Love and Harris’s Place to the west, and Abe’s By the Sea to the east, just past the harbor entrance.

Careening Hole

The area in front of Sidney’s Peace and Love and Harris’s Place is also called the Careening Hole.

Careening is the process of beaching a boat in order to clean the bottom of barnacles and marine growth that grows after months at sea. Captains look for well protected harbors with a gradual shallow area. All stores are removed from the boat by the ships crew using launches. This might also include a large amount of the iron ballast in order to lighten the ship. The crew and all stores are encamped on the beach for several weeks while the ship is rested on its side to allow first one side and then the other to be scraped clean and repaired if necessary. After cleaning, the boat is refloated and the crew begins the laborious process of reloading all ballast, stores, and freight.

All three bar-restaurants in the bay have dinghy docks, Abe’s, Sidney’s Peace & Love and Harris’ Place. Little Harbour is a pleasant evening stop known best for the lobster dinners at Sidney’s Peace and Love or Harris’s Place. It is less crowded than Great Harbour which during the peak of the season can overflow its anchorage area. Little Harbour is surrounded by the brown and green hills of Jost Van Dyke. On the eastern side, Abe’s by the Sea serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with reservations, and offers a small convenience store. Harris’s Place is open for lunch and dinner starting at 11am with music entertainment on many nights. Sidney’s Peace and Love is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at 9am. Step behind the bar, mix your own drink, or grab a soda, glass of wine or beer. Start a tab with your boat name and keep a tally of your drinks as the evening continues. At the end of the evening, the captain is responsible for settling the bill for his group—no matter what happens—as you can see in Joe Russell's story, Little Harbour.

Dolphins occasionally hang out near the entrance to Little Harbour. Keep an eye out for people that may be swimming with them.


Abe’s By The Sea

A smaller, quaint place with a local Caribbean flair. Happy hour specials and a small grocery store for provisions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
VHF 16

Harris’s Place

Also well known for it lobster and seafood dinners with burgers and West Indian specialties. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
VHF 16

Sidney’s Peace and Love

Sidney’s Peace and Love

Well known for its honor bar, and lobster dinner, this is a local favorite festooned with colorful teeshirts flapping in the breeze. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
VHF 16

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