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Emergency Information

It’s a good idea to let someone know where you are heading. If you are chartering, give the charter company a copy of your itinerary and let them know if anything changes. Leave contact information with the charter company and with someone at home. Most marinas monitor VHF Channel 16 for emergencies.

U.S. Virgin Islands

On Shore




St. Thomas

Roy L. Schneider Hospital: 776.8311

St. Croix

Morris F. De Castro Clinic: 776.6400

St. John

Myrah Keating Smith Clinic: 693.8900

Diving Emergencies

St. Thomas: 776.8311

St. Croix: 778.6311, ext. 2664

St. John: 776.2686

Police Departments

St. Thomas: 774.2211

St. Croix: 778.2211

St. John: 693.8880

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Virgin Islands: 714.2851

Emergencies: 787.289.2040 or 787.279.7778

Off Shore

International Distress: Channel 16
Initial calling and Distress Safety calls only. Switch to another channel after initial contact.

Coast Guard: Channel 22

Other Radio Communications

Keep your radio on and monitor Channel 16 at all times.

Public Channels: 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 84, 85

Navigationals Channel: 13, 67

Weather Channels: WX-1 162.55, WX-2 162.4, WX3 162.475

Intership Safety Channel: 6

Non-commercial Channel: 9, 68, 69, 78

Ship-to-ship only Channel: 72

Commercial Channel: 7, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 79, 80

Commercial ship-to-ship only: 8, 72, 88A

For a complete list of VHF channels, go to

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary /
Virgin Islands Rescue Squad

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is an all-volunteer organization that assists the U.S. Coast Guard with non-law enforcement programs like search and rescue, harbor patrols and marine environmental protection. They focus, however, on prevention through boating safety courses and vessel safety checks. Visit for help with a float plan and online boating emergency guide.

The Virgin Islands Rescue Squad has provided services for over 25 years on land, in the air and on the water. Their trained volunteers respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, for assistance with search and rescue and emergency medical care. To find out more about the St. Croix Rescue Academy, go to


British Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Search and Rescue and most marinas monitor Channel 16 at all times.

Emergency Use and Initial Contact: Channel 16
Initial calling and Distress Safety calls only. Switch to another channel after initial contact.

Weather Channel: 3

Charter Companies: 12

Ship-to-ship Channels: 6, 68

Virgin Island's Radio: 85

On Shore




HOSPITAL: 284.494.3497

POLICE: 284.494.2945

MARINE BASE (Via Police Headquarters): 284.494.3822

VISAR (Virgin Islands Search & Rescue): 284.499.0911

Off Shore

International Distress Channel: 16

VISAR (Virgin Islands Search & Rescue): 16, 767 (SOS)

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