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Sun Allergy Didn't Stop Her

You might think it would be impossible to spend two weeks on a sailboat if you had an allergy to the sun, but Mark met a woman named Teresa who showed us there's no need to let that stop anyone from enjoying the Virgin Islands!

Teresa at Helm

Teresa at the helm.

Teresa was prepared with special clothing from Coolibar, a company with a wide range of options of swim shirts, pants, shorts, hats and clothing designed for maximum sun coverage and maximum comfort. Add sunscreen to any exposed skin and you're all set! Teresa also stayed in the shade on board, as well as in the water, to minimize exposure.

Teresa shared a delightful account of her trip with her husband, Dave, and two friends, Dick and Sylvia, via a Shutterfly Photo Book and wanted to share it with others as well, hoping that anyone who is dreaming of going to the Virgin Islands, but who is allergic to the sun, might realize that it is possible and well worth it!

Flying in to Tortola

Flying in to Beef Island, Tortola. Right: Dave hoisting sail.

Dive with Sail Caribbean

Rendezvous dive with Sail Caribbean to RMS Rhone. We were able to swim IN the wreck, through the hull and out the other side. Amazing!

Huge eagle ray!

Huge eagle ray!

The Baths

Took a cab ride and hike to The Baths. We really want to do this again! At the end of this day, we ended up at the Top of the Baths Restaurant. They had a freshwater pool. Had great meals and relaxed.

Savannah Bay & Leverick Bay

Savannah Bay National Park, Hanson Bay and Leverick Bay. Very colorful.

Parrot fish & sea turtle

A favorite: stoplight parrotfish and a seaturtle near Monkey Bay, Guana Island.

Sydney's lobster and meeting Foxy

At Sydney's when you make a reservation, you place your order and we ordered lobster. They pulled them just hours before they served them. Took a cab ride over the hill to the famous bar Foxy's and met Foxy, the founder. Sydney's has t-shirts hanging everywhere and an "Honor" bar (with Gin!) Great food!

Great service and Willie T's

In the Bight, a floating mini-mart came by to see if we wanted ice cream, ice, beer, etc. Didn't have to leave the boat to get ice. Sweet. Took a late night dinghy ride from Pirate's to Willie T's.

The Indians and pelican

Did more snorkeling at The Indians. Pelicans—never knew how amazing they are. One feeding right in front of us just before we left The Indians.

Had Jules from Conch Charters show us bigger Catamarans for our next trip...2011, we hope!

FUN FACTS: We ran our engines 2-3 hours every day, minimum, one day we motored all day and we used a total of 10 gallons of fuel. With water we conserved the first half of the trip and splurged the second half—used about 160 gallons for the four of us. The average temperature if 78°-85° with breezes year round. Sunrise is 6:00 am and sunset is 6:30 pm, year round.


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