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The Spirit of Anegada

For the sailing community, Lowell Wheatley is recognized as the man who made Anegada a destination. He was born in North Sound and self made. In the early 70’s, Lowell gathered lobster around the reefs of Anegada to sell to the restaurant at The Bitter End. Recognizing the distance between his lobsters in Anegada and his customers on Virgin Gorda, Lowell took advantage of an opportunity to complete the construction of an abandoned resort at Setting Point and turn it into what is now the Anegada Reef Resort.

Lowell Wheatley

Lowell’s son, Lawrence (shown at right), continues the tradition.

A large development company originally had plans for a resort and marina complex on Anegada. But when construction started, problems ensued and the development was abandoned. Eventually, the government leased the defunct project to Lowell, who completed the construction. But what made the Anegada Reef Hotel a destination was the hospitality of Lowell and his wife Sue.

Since the 1970’s sailors have talked about Lowell’s wonderful lobster dinner. Large Caribbean lobsters from Anegada waters are roasted on half barrel using Torchwood and basted in a secret sauce. The locally gathered Torchwood is said to impart a special flavor to the lobster. The lobster is outstanding, but the Wheatley’s hospitality over the years is what people remember when they visit. And, just as when Lowell and Sue ran the place, you can walk up at any time and if no one is behind the bar, make your self a drink and start your own tab.

Up until Lowell’s tragic accidental death in 2002, he was always at the resort, working on some project for the hotel and ready to help anyone in need. Countless times, even in foul weather Lowell headed out into the anchorage to assist or rescue a yacht that miscalculated its approach.

Today, the Anegada Reef Hotel is in the capable hands of his son Laurence and daughter Lorraine, both with formal education in the hospitality business. The lobster is still the best. The bar is still run on the honor system and Lawrence and Lorraine extend the same hospitality that their father extended to visiting yachtsman and hotel guests. If you decide to visit the Anegada Reef Hotel for their famous lobster dinner, call ahead on VHF 16 as during the peak of the season, they fill up quickly.


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