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Going Ashore at The Baths

Getting ashore at The Baths can be a challenge. Maneuvering in the surf while unloading passengers can be dangerous, especially with swimmers snorkeling close to shore. It is best to swim in from the dinghy mooring. Kids can swim in with their life vests on. If you have passengers that are not comfortable surfing ashore in the dinghy, you may want to consider mooring the boat in Spanish Town and taking a taxi.

Devil’s Bay at The Baths

When planning a trip to The Baths, whether by dinghy, swimming or taxi, there are a number of things you may want to consider bringing with you.

Bring a towel or a blanket for the beach, water, soft drinks and snacks. For the hike through the boulders and caves, wear suitable shoes like reef runners or sandals that grip well and provide traction on the sandy rocks. The rocks and reef around The Baths offer excellent snorkeling, so bring appropriate equipment.

Last, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit and it is hard to resist wanting to take a few pictures of your family and friends at The Baths. A waterproof camera is best or protect your camera by placing it in a zip lock bag for the trip to and from the beach.

Divers at The Baths

So, a visit to The Baths, especially if you plan to swim ashore, may require some forethought. What some do is bring the dinghy in to the shallow water about 15–20 feet away from shore to pass a bag with the towels, snacks and cameras to one of your crew who can walk it ashore. The alternative is the captain will need to return back and forth to the boat to get “one more thing” as I did the first time I visited The Baths. With a little planning you can avoid the same.


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