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Setting Point & Pomato Point

Protected harbor to anchor and explore this unique island.

Big Bamboo Beach.

The north shore of Anegada has beautiful beaches like Big Bamboo for
swimming and tanning.

Come for the Lobster...

So often we hear of a charter itinerary that allows for only a one-day trip to Anegada. A lobster dinner at the Anegada Reef Hotel is followed by an early departure the next morning. Anegada is one of those places that could be enjoyed for several days and should be at least two days on your itinerary. Frequent charter visitors, Walker and Nancy Mangum, have been known to spend their entire time in the BVIs exploring and enjoying just Anegada.—MB

Big Bamboo Bar

Ashore, there are several restaurants and beach bars. The most well known is the Anegada Reef Hotel located on the west side of Setting Point. The hotel monitors VHF 16 and advance reservations are advised.

The restaurant and bar offer lounge chairs on the sand and will arrange transportation back after a long day in the sun. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a few cool ones only feet from the beach and blue, clear water.

An alternate anchorage away from the crowd is close to the beach west of Pomato Point where there is room for about 3–4 boats. The Pomato Point Restaurant is on the beach above this anchorage.

Curious Name—Great Beach

You may wonder how Cow Wreck Beach got its name. A Greek freighter, named ROCUS headed from Trinidad to Baltimore, laden with cow bones probably for making fertilizer, was wrecked off Anegada’s northwest coast, and for years afterwards cow bones were swept ashore. You can dive on the ROCUS wreck which is only about 40 feet below the surface. Cow bones are strewn around the wreck on the ocean bottom and a noose lies near the pilothouse. It is said that the captain made personal use of the noose to avoid answering questions about the wreck to the authorities. —MB

On the north shore, the white sand beaches at Cow Wreck and Loblolly are secluded and some of the finest in the world. Relax on Loblolly Beach and enjoy a few boat drinks at Big Bamboo Beach Bar. These are easily reachable by taxi. Flash of Beauty beach on the east side of Loblolly Bay is said to have some of the best snorkeling in the BVI. From Setting Point take a long hike around West End to enjoy Cow Wreck Beach and find out what their signature drink, a “Cow Killer,” is.The diving here is some of the best on the world. The local flats provide exciting fishing for bonefish, tarpon, jacks and barracuda. Or, go for the deep water in a charter boat and fish Yellowfin or and Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, or Dorado. The laid back atmosphere of this remote island is different from the the other islands in the BVI and one that you will never forget.

Setting Point Harbour.

Setting Point Harbour and the Anegada Reef Hotel dock.


Anegada Reef Hotel

VHF 16
Fax: 284.495.9362

Cow Wreck Beach

VHF 16
Fax: 284.495.9461

Lobster Trap Restaurant & Bar

Pomato Point Restaurant
VHF 16

Neptunes Treasure

VHF 16
Fax: 284.495.8060

Potters by the Sea

VHF 16
Phone/Fax: 284.495.9182

Gentlemen: As a fellow PNW sailor I wanted to say that I enjoyed your book over that of the [competitions] due to the level of detail provided, especially the perspective of avoiding the crowds.

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